A virtual vacation to PCB is just what the doctor ordered on this chilly November day. Read More

9 Reasons to Go to Dollywood (+ a Ticket Giveaway!)

Win a pair of tickets to Dollywood for yourself or to give away as Christmas gifts! Read More

Wreck Diving in the Cayman Islands

The Kittiwake may be the Cayman Islands' most well-known dive site—but watch out for the locals. Read More

Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life's for me.... Read More

16 Ways to Enjoy Gatlinburg as an Adult

Under the misconception that Gatlinburg is only a family vacation destination? Think again. Armed with a close friend and lots of moonshine, I set out to explore the Smoky Mountain base town.... Read More

Photo Friday

St. Andrews State Park, Florida

Panama City Beach, Florida

It’s around this time every year when we have our first serious cold snap—flurries last week! in Tennessee! in November!—and I start dreaming of an escape to Florida. Panama City Beach tends to get an unfair rap as simply a… Read More

Wears Valley, Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

I’m thinking of phasing out Photo Fridays by the end of the year—mainly, because I think they’re getting a bit stale, and freeing up my Fridays would make room for other posts—but until then, I’ve still got a handful of… Read More

Missoula, Montana

Missoula, Montana

At this point in my travels, I’ve less wooed by the big cities and more drawn to small town charm with a commitment to all things local. A town with character and attitude. A town like Missoula. During my Ultimate… Read More

New York, New York

New York City WTC Memorial

I wasn’t in New York City when the towers fell. I wouldn’t move there until 2005 when the skyline had already been forever altered. While, at the time, I was in my freshmen year of college living with a roommate who… Read More

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Media Grits

I’m 50 percent optimist, 50 percent pessimist, which I’m pretty sure makes me 100 percent human. That said, if ever the former wins out over the latter, it’s Thanksgiving week, am I right? My dear friend Alex recently wrote a… Read More

9 Reasons to Go to Dollywood (+ a Ticket Giveaway!)


Of all the most legendary, impactful people Tennessee can claim as their own, Dolly Parton is right at the top of that list. I had the pleasure of interviewing the spunky songbird back in NYC many years ago, and you’d… Read More

Raise the Barn: A House Update

Queen Anne Victorian house

First off, if you’d be so inclined, I would love if you could click here and vote for me in Chris Elliott’s annual awards. I don’t pay much attention to these “best of” lists typically, but Chris is the real… Read More

Nashville Neighborhoods: The Best of the Gulch

The Gulch in Nashville

The Gulch is an area that I used to avoid mainly because of its “trendy” factor—which often translates to high prices and crowds, neither of which I care for—and the ongoing construction due to all the condo high-rises popping up… Read More