E Juice Ingredients: What Are You Vaping?

If you want to invest in e-juice which provides you with wonderful flavor, lots of rich and thick water vapor and impressive throat hit, then you’ll benefit from learning about the key ingredients in most e-juice formulas. Today, we’d like to educate you by letting you know which ingredients are found in the vast majority of e-liquids.

Once you’ve discovered this important information, you’ll understand more about e-juices and you will also have an easier time shopping for e-liquids online.

E-Juice Usually Has 5 Ingredients

First off, we’d like to let you know that e-juice comes in no-nicotine versions. However, a lot of vaping fans do prefer to buy e-liquids that contain nicotine. All told, most e-juices which contain nicotine have five ingredients, including nicotine. Nicotine-free formulas will typically have four ingredients.

The five ingredients in e-juices which come with nicotine are water, nicotine, PG, VG and diketones (or other flavoring chemicals). In nicotine-free formulas, there will usually be water, diketones (or other chemicals which add flavor), PG and VG.

PG stands for Proplyene Glycol and it gives e-juice its fulfilling throat hit. VG is Vegetable Glycerin and it adds denseness to water vapor. It makes it easier for vaping enthusiasts to create thick, rich clouds of water vapor. Because PG and VG both offer impressive benefits, most e-juices include both.

It’s possible to access e-juices with different ratios of PG and VG. For example, you may look for a 50/50 ratio, or go for 60/40 or 70/30. There are also e-juices which contain only VG or only PG. There are many formulas to try. In general, we think that a 50/50 blend is a safe option, especially for newbies who won’t have much, or any, experience with e-cigarettes.

However, you should feel free to experiment. Trying out new e-juices is fun. Premium e-juices aren’t usually too expensive and they come in so many tasty flavors, from dessert-inspired flavors (cherry cheesecake, for example) to tobacco flavors to Shisha-inspired flavors and beyond).

Are Diketones Safe Ingredients?

The probably are. To give you some background, the Diketones used in e-juice don’t get tested by governing bodies. However, Diketones which are utilized in order to flavor food do get tested. Since Diketones are added to food regularly, it’s probable that they are safe when used in e-juices, too. However, since they aren’t tested by governing bodies before they’re added to e-liquids, some people are wary of them.

Diketones are a class of chemicals which add flavor, which is usually buttery or creamy. If you want to find Diketone-free e-liquids, you should be able to. Most people do choose the formulas which contain Diketones.

Do You Love to Vape?

If you love to vape, you probably find shopping for e-juices fun! Now that you have the inside scoop on e-juice ingredients, you’ll be ready to move forward and find the e-liquids which are perfect for your needs.

We believe that premium e-juice is one of the secrets to a truly pleasurable vaping experience. So, why not shop for e-juice today?